Engaging Senior Voters in Key Battleground States to Hold Onto the U.S. Senate

May 4, 2023

The New Media Firm is proud to have played a role in persuading Pennsylvania seniors to vote against “Dr.” Mehmet Oz and electing Democratic leaders to the U.S. Senate in the 2022 election cycle.

In the 30-second spot titled “Scam Artist” produced for Retired Americans PAC’s digital and OTT/ Streaming TV program and the accompanying 15-sec cut down, we set out to communicate on Oz’s long record of scamming consumers and promoting reckless medical advice to critical senior voters. 

Using Oz’s own words and clips from his TV show against him, this ad reinforced that Pennsylvania voters “just can’t trust Mehmet Oz.” We selected segments of his show, where he promotes miracle pills, magic weight loss cures, and unfounded medical advice over and over again. We coupled that with the fact that he had been sued multiple times for his dangerous and unfounded medical claims and drew major criticism from the medical community.  

This ad helped make the point that Oz is a phony and a scam artist, not worthy of serving in the U.S. Senate in contrast to John Fetterman. 

Despite late October polling showing Oz with 59% support from voters aged 65+, our work helped keep Oz to just 53% of the senior vote according to exit polling – which helped John Fetterman defeat Oz by over 250,000 votes.

Additionally, with the Retired Americans PAC, we targeted senior voters in both Arizona and the Georgia runoff election to re-elect Senator Mark Kelly and Senator Raphael Warnock.  

Watch the Pollie Award-winning spot, “Scam Artist” we ran in Pennsylvania, along with the other spots below: