Digital & Traditional Services

The New Media Firm brings you the power to persuade – the tools to touch hearts, change minds and motivate action. Whether working with your campaign to craft a message, producing groundbreaking ads, or designing an innovative media placement plan, our team has the experience and creativity to help your campaign win.

Strategic Consulting

As strategic consultants – we don’t just make great ads. We work with candidates and organizations to define goals, build campaigns, target messages and navigate minefields in the changing political and media environment.

  • Message Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Poll Analysis
  • Targeting
  • Media Training
  • Debate Preparation


Effective political ads tell great stories. Whether that story calls for gripping emotion, strong narrative, undeniable facts or gentle humor – our team has the creativity, experience and skill to produce ads that carry an effective message across all media – on budget and at unparalleled speed.

  • Television & Radio Production
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Networking
  • Print & Outdoor Advertising

Media Planning & Placement

Getting the right message to the right voters at the lowest possible price is the hallmark of The New Media Firm. Voters have more media choices than ever before and reaching these voters requires innovation, flexibility and ongoing assessment of what works and what doesn’t. We’re so committed to helping you navigate the new media landscape – we made it our name.

  • Traditional Media Placement
  • Digital Media Placement
  • Media Integration
  • Behavioral and Demographic Targeting
  • Competitive Tracking